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1996-2021 CANTONI celebrates 25 years of activity

CantoniPreviews1996-2021 CANTONI celebrates 25 years of activity

Cantoni celebrates 25 years of activity……………yeah  we’re still here
On the occasion of the 25th anniversary of CANTONI, I would like to express all my gratitude to those who have contributed, during all these years, to the growth of our company, customers, suppliers and collaborators.
Thinking back over 25 years ago, when me Anna Maria Cantoni and Ettore Dall’Ara began to cultivate the dream of creating a company together, relying on very few resources, and seeing how far we have come,  fills me with pride.
Remembering the past, I realize how much Cantoni has grown and changed. From the first prototype to the first suitcases sold; to the first series of mirrors entirely designed and manufactured by us. The company has evolved as well as the products. Today we are proud to supply the most famous makeup and interior design brands in the world, with products entirely made by us and of high quality, which is not easy in a market full of imported and low quality products.

I consider this moment not a point of arrival, but a new starting point.

we want to offer our customers a 25% discount on the purchase of MAKEUP STATION + CHAIR kits

send us an email with your request and the code 25ANNICANTONI

The offer is valid until 31/12/2021

send us your request with code 25ANNICANTONI

some examples of kit you can choose :

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