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Barber shop furniture between vintage and modern design

CantoniRecommendationsBarber shop furniture between vintage and modern design

The style of modern barbers is often a mix between a vintage exterior and a great innovation in terms of furnishings and equipment. A barber mirror with good lighting allow barbers to be meticulous and precise in their cuts and shaves. A barbershop chair must give to the customer a moment of absolute relaxation, but also allow the barber to work in the correct position. The backlit panels are an efficient visual communication tool for hair salons, to engage customers with ad-hoc graphics and images or offer services and promotions.

portable barber station
Cantoni barber station
barbarshop equipment

Portable barber chairs and barber stations

As for other professionals in the beauty sector, even the barber is more and more an itinerant profession: it requires flexibility and equipment suitable for moving easily from one location to another, between customers’ houses, fashion show backstage and photographics studios.

The Cantoni suitcase is a portable barber station that allows you to hold all the useful tools, from scissors to beard and hair care products; it is equipped with a led lighted mirror and electrical outlets for hairdryerstraighteners and razors.

Our professional chairs, designed for makeup artists, are widely used in hairdressing salons due to their ergonomic features and represent a perfect solution if you are looking for a portable barber chair.

We have been producing this range of chairs since 1996 and they stand out for durability, high quality materials and lightness. Made of beech wood or anodized aluminum, they can be equipped with adjustable and removable headrest

barber shop chair
custom barber station for bullfrog
barber mirror with lights
portable haircut station

Customized barbershop equipment


All Cantoni products can be customized with your brand, as in the case of the now famous Bullfrog, born as a barber shop, it has become a franchise and a famous brand for styling and care products for barbers.

On the page dedicated to the customization of Cantoni workstations you can find all the information and see some brands in the beauty sector that have been relying on our experience in professional equipment for years.

Even the chairs, mirrors and accessories can be customized, to strengthen your brand and turn into a powerful marketing tool.

customized barber station bullfrog
customized barbershop equipment
hairdresser portable station

Barber mirror and barber stations on wheels

The furnishing of your barber shop is equally important: design and functionality are our cornerstones. The range of Unica by Cantoni mirrors with led lights includes a great variety of finishes and sizes, so that they can be integrated into any style you have chosen for your salon. From the vintage hollywod style mirror to the classic ones with solid wood frames. From minimalist frameless mirrors to stylish mirrors with anodized aluminum frames.

Our workstations on wheels were created to allow you to make the most of the spaces available in beauty salons and hairdressers. And today more than ever they have proved to be a good choice to also meet the rules of spacing: you can create a mobile barber station fully operational in any space, with the same quality of materials and lighting, and equally customizable with your logo on the surface of the mirror.

vintage barber mirror
barber mirror
beauty workstation on wheels

We have been working for over 25 years with beauty professionals around the world and we can assist you in the complete design of your salons and in the customization of your equipment.


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