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Beauty salon furniture: examples of tailored design projects

CantoniRecommendationsBeauty salon furniture: examples of tailored design projects

A welcoming and functional setting is the basis of every furnishing project for beauty centers and salons and Cantoni is able to offer a very high degree of customization to satisfy every need for space and style.

In addition to the well-known quality of all the supplies for professional beauty schools, hairdressers, makeup studios and everything that revolves around the world of beauty in general, Cantoni has a team of designers and technicians ready to guide you from design to after-sales assistance. You can take advantage of an indispensable support in the creation of bespoke workstations and in the style that best reflects you, to create, together, a place that in addition to being efficient and functional is also synonymous with comfort and well-being for operators and customers!

The combinations of beauty stations also allow you to amortize costs, by turning to a single supplier for all furnishings, which is advantageous both economically and in the architecture of the spaces available.

Cantoni with the different lines and collections studied over the years manages to meet every type of need by offering innovative and extremely useful solutions even in the case of reduced budgets, as in the case of the Vintage collection that lends itself perfectly to the creation of a Hollywood-style corner but remaining low in costs.

progetto postazione trucco vintage low cost

Be inspired by the latest turnkey compositions designed by Cantoni

Setting up multiple workstations for make-up and backstage academies

arredamento scuole estetica make-up capelli

The combinations of L200x2 full mirror workstations  with S104 chairs with headrests are the ideal solution for those who need a large number of workstations with limited space. The workstations on wheels such as those in the picture are equipped with a mirror on both sides, capable of creating 2 work places with a single workstation!

Design of lighted wall mirrors, consoles and chairs for beauty centers and salons

specchi illuminati e progetti arredo centri estetici

In settings where the walls are available, the MDE01 mirrors are the best way to take advantage of the space. Victory School has in fact created 12 work places with 6 MDE01 light mirrors, 12 chairs and 3 double workstations L200x2!

We take care of every single detail of everything we make and we are happy every time we can share and promote on our digital channels the professionals who have trusted us for their creative spaces.

Contact us to work out a project for your dream salon together!

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