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What is the best light for the bathroom mirror?

CantoniRecommendationsWhat is the best light for the bathroom mirror?

What is the best light for the bathroom mirror? A lot of people look for the ultimate solution for the beauty and makeup care or shaving routine.
We have just come home from ISH Frankfurt, where we sought breathtaking bathroom furnishing, materials and technologies; nevertheless, everywhere the mirror was still fenced in the role of a more or less simply decorative accessory of the bathroom furnishing set.

The mirror, instead, should be considered the beating heart of the bathroom, the element around which the room project should be conceived: without a well-lighted bathroom mirror, it is quite impossible taking care of ourselves! Cantoni’s team works from years looking for the best solution and today can boast a very wide range of mirrors with integrated light, which combines the decorative requirements of the top lighting system for the bathroom mirror.

The best light for the bathroom mirror is I-light

The experience in the professional makeup industry, for which a perfectly lighted mirror is fundamental, pushed Cantoni to engineer I-light, a fully-integrated lighting technology recreating the colour rendering and the reception of sunlight with absolute perfection.

I-light it is not only a lighting technology but a complex set of elements that, with their balance, creates the perfect light, with particular attention to energy saving parameters. I-light is the best light for the bathroom mirror because it is:

  • a professional level technology
  • lifetime uniform and constant
  • safe and reliable (does not get warm)
  • does not need maintenance (granted duration 100.000 working/h)
  • dimmable
  • sunlike (CRI90, 4200° Kelvin shade)

Although, the bathroom mirror also has a decorative function: in fact, the Unica mirror range introduce also mirrors with different shapes and enriched with frames and profiles made of industrial materials as the anodised aluminium, embellished with elegant finishes or natural materials such as handcrafted, high-quality wood and leather. The sizes available are a lot and it is also possible to ask for a custom made bathroom mirror.

The backlit mirror for the bathroom: yes or no?

An answer once and for all: the backlight in the mirror for the bathroom performs only and exclusively a decorative function. It creates ambiance; it can be left on when the bathroom becomes a place for relaxation and energy recovery. But it is not suitable for facial care.

The ideal solution is summarised, instead, in the mirrors for the bathroom of the MH Unica by Cantoni collection: in this collection of mirrors, together with the I-light lighting system, there is also an RGB backlight system, manageable with a small infrared remote control. The mirror’s frame design, thanks to its specific shape, integrates a LED backlighting and amplifies and optimises the refraction.

A mirror is thus an object as beautiful to look at as much as functional and intuitive to use.

The difference compared to the other bathroom mirrors on the market

The lighted bathroom mirrors of Unica collection are unique objects: unique because they are custom made, unique because every element is studied to create the ideal light on the face. The mirrors with bulbs (also the new generation LED bulbs), the mirrors with backlighted satin inserts, the lighted mirrors with that little blue LED points: all of these are only decorative mirrors and are not suitable for a good facial lighting.

To choose these mirrors it means having to integrate the lighting with other spotlights,  obtaining an unsatisfactory effect: mixing different shades of light and spotlights with different intensity and/or not correctly placed, your face and shape will be illuminated in an uneven way, with shades of light and shadows making shaving and makeup difficult.

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