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Beyond the brand identity with Cantoni beauty corners for cosmetic distribution

CantoniUncategorizedBeyond the brand identity with Cantoni beauty corners for cosmetic distribution

We are in 2020 and there is more to cosmetic companies than brand identity!

The market is so vast and varied that distinguishing and being recognizable is not such an immediate step, but if the corporate identity project extends to everything we use to “sell” ourselves, we can be one step ahead of all the others!

Nykaa, luxury cosmetics in India and beauty corner made in Cantoni

This is the case of Nykaa, the online and offline beauty franchise that has made products dictated by cosmetic trends accessible to beauty enthusiasts from all over India, thanks to its distribution network and the initiatives that focus on the beauty of each individual consumer.

valigie trucco brandizzate per store, profumerie e franchising

For Nykaa Cantoni has created portable customized makeup stations and make-up chair that allow to offer a sales experience that goes far beyond the traditional retail. Not surprisingly, makeup stations are now an essential element, especially where it is necessary to support a consultancy service to accompany the consumer in selecting the most suitable references.

postazioni trucco e sedie brandizzate per store, profumerie e franchising

The customized internal compartments of DM drogerie markt

From South Asia we arrive in Germany, from which we are witnessing the expansion of the largest European drugstore chain.

makeup-corner per drugstore profumerie cosmetics store

Dm drogerie markt  has also arrived in Italy in the last year, with its stores that are able to offer even more than what we find in most of the perfumeries in our country.

postazioni trucco personalizzate DM catene drugstore

In fact, in drugstores it is now possible to find the most demanded brands of natural cosmetics, such as Alverde and Balea, which have already made a splash in other countries and which now thanks to  DM are also physically traceable and no longer only online.

valigie con specchio e luci personalizzate per brand e aziende cosmetiche

In its evolution project, the chain has chosen Cantoni to create a series of  professional stations  with a customized setting of the internal compartments, designed precisely to house the cosmetics of the brands to be used in the store.

valigie trucco professionali personalizzate per case cosmetiche

The setting up of the Perfumes & Companhia Beauty Studio with make-up, skincare and brow bar

Another historic company, but this one born in Portugal, is that of  Perfumes & Companhia who adds the Beauty Studio to retail.

allestimenti specchi e sedie beauty store, brow bar, make-up area

Spaces dedicated to self-care with Beauty Bar, Brow Bar, Make-Up Bar and all services, from make-up to skincare, equipped thanks to the solutions that Cantoni makes available for this type of activity, with illuminated mirrors and makeup chairs for the comfort of customers and operators.

personalizzazione comparti interni valigie trucco

To know more about all the customization options for our make up cases visit this page Personalised makeup cases: Cantoni customers

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