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Cantoni in Classic Blue: the Pantone 2020 trend that wears mirrors and beauty corners

CantoniRecommendationsCantoni in Classic Blue: the Pantone 2020 trend that wears mirrors and beauty corners

There are colors imprinted in our mind because they remind us of something, or perhaps because they were the Pantone of the year we were waiting for, but Classic Blue is destined to be remembered by many, because it marks the beginning of a new decade and, most likely, will affect not only the year that has just begun but the next 10 years. And could such a trendy color not take possession of the illuminated mirrors and furnishings of studios, academies and stores?

Vanity table minimal con specchio illuminato e sedia trucco, decor pantone classic blue

In addition to being functional to the work of make-up artist and hair stylist in the world of beauty in general, Cantoni equipments can be part of a wider branding project, where the corporate image is also reflected in the design of beauty corners.

postazione trucco trasportabile con specchio e luci per case cosmetiche valigia trucco trasportabile con specchio illuminato per aziende beauty valigia trucco trasportabile che diventa una postazione trucco con specchio illuminato per profumerie e store

From all over the world, companies such as Clarins and the Indian Nykaa have already created with the Cantoni team tailor-made transportable make-up stations , with suitcases with an external design that fully incorporates the brand’s color palette, and internal compartments made to measure for the products they must host.

Even the illuminated mirrors, the fulcrum of every room in which you can breathe beauty, become an integral part of branding, especially when combined with a structured graphic project with backlit panels useful for promotions and launches of new collections.

specchi illuminati decorazioni personalizzate per brand, specchio brandizzato per store

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