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Our Cantoni team

The Cantoni Team

An extended family, in which each person feels to occupy a key role in the company structure. Creativity and the exchange of opinions are always welcome, because we know that the basis of the success for Cantoni is actually the ideas. We live and work outside urban centers, because we believe that a broad horizon improves the quality of life and supports the psychological well-being that is the basis of the ideas that really make the difference.

Marina Mina

I deal with invoices, shipments, documents, in other words “paperwork”! For any administrative matter you can ask about me. I am the voice on the phone when you call Cantoni. I am a true-blue San Marino girl, make-up passionate. In free time I play Burraco for hours!

Maria Mateeva
Sales Manager

I work to develop and coordinate the international activities of Cantoni. After years of experience in multinational companies, I’m taking a challenge in this small and creative company, because I was fascinated by their truly unique products. I am Bulgarian, I have a master’s degree in economics and commerce. In my spare time I love traveling, going to the cinema and spending time with my friends. For me there is no greater satisfaction than when you wake up on Monday and can not wait to go to the office to do the work that you enjoy and spend time with your colleagues. I speak Italian, English, German, Russian, Greek, Serbian, Bulgarian.

Melanie Dainese
Technical Office

I am technical area manager in Cantoni: I make plans and design, I check the feasibility of all new projects of the Cantoni idea man. Molly, the puppy Cantoni’s mascot, is my assistant. Born in East German and moved to Italy when I was a child with all my family, the only German trait I still have is the “R”. I see myself in a big green house surrounded by many cats, of all colors and kind. I love chocolate and Christmas decorations.

Chiara Ferrari
Responsabile Digital Linee Cantoni

Suddenly catapulted in the world of beauty directly from the web world, where is trendy to be “nerd” I have still doubt if I have to paint me or not when I leave home. I am responsible for e-commerce, web sites, social network and digital communication. Melanie think I am playing all day with Facebook and, after all, even my parents never understood my profession!

Anna Cantoni

Make up is in my heart, business woman for 20 years now: the portable make up station was born because of me, as, when I worked as a make up artist, on locations, I complained with my husband, photographer, about a lack of an adequate professional equipment. “Iron Lady” but only apparently, I am determined and dynamic.

Ettore dall'Ara
Creative Director

Staring at wall, with gaze lost in space: who knows me understand immediately that I am thinking about a new project. I watch and see how to solve technical problems. Cantoni producst arise from specifical needs, frequently wordless, by professionals: understand, develop and create professional instruments is my mission from 20 years now.Esthete and creative, passionate photographer, I love my work, I love my work, I love my work.

Andrea Baldacci
Chief Electrician

I work every day for improving and testing one of the most important aspects for the Cantoni products: the light. Details are important to me, as much as the creativity. Spontaneous and always in a good mood, the music accompanies my days, and I love to sing while working. I’m absolutely the favorite of Molly, the dog mascot of Cantoni.

Bogdan Bobisteanu
Chief of Production Area

I have been made the Cantoni make-up case for several years. I check every day that each detail is in place before the shipment o their new owners. I was born in Romania, and they say I don’t speak correctly, that I’m speteful and vain. But it is not true, it’s simply that here I’m the most important! 😀

Angelo Telese
Warehouseman in Chief

I am the citizen of the world (or at least Europe), that I explored and lived in for many years, before arriving to take root. In Cantoni I coordinate the warehouse, the loading, unloading and transport of goods , the company vehicles. Optimistic by nature, I believe that the best solution in case of difficulty is always a smile and a bowl of tagliatelle.

Cantoni Dog Mascot

I’m the bosses’ pet, but I am the most cuddled in Cantoni. When I notice someone sad or icky I cuddle him/her too!

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