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Cantoni at Esthetiworld, Milan, October 22-24

CantoniAgendaCantoni at Esthetiworld, Milan, October 22-24

The makeup stations with lights by Cantoni at Esthetiworld, Milan

The leading event in Italy for the aesthetic, dermatological and nail sectors: this is Esthetiworld, which is going to start in Milan (October, 22-24), Fiera Milano Congressi.

Cantoni, the leading brand in beauty mobile stations and mirrors manufacturing across Italy and Europe is, accordingly,  the perfect matching technical sponsor for this expo.

Working with the already well known Cosmoprof Bologna’s staff, in charge of Esthetiworld organization too, Cantoni will support with its products the EyeLoveYou event.

The EyeLoveYou Event

EyeLoveYou is the three days long new event which points the spotlight on the seductive and fascinating power of the eye and how to improve it with makeup and aesthetic techniques.  Maria Larionova (Lashdream) and Monica Zanelli, will fully explore the matters of eyebrows, eyelashes  (eyelashes extension in particular) and makeup for the eyes.

I-light, needed to create a superb glance effect

The participants, with their perfectly lighted face by the I-light light, distinctive feature of the Cantoni makeup stations, are going to unveil all the secrets for obtaining indefectible eyebrows  on the base of the face and  eye shape,  how to choose and use in a natural way the eyelashes extensions, the best techniques to dab kajal, eyeshadows and primer to boost the expressivity of the eyes.

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