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Dressing rooms in the spotlight? With the illuminated Cantoni mirrors the backstage becomes a set!

CantoniAgenda RecommendationsDressing rooms in the spotlight? With the illuminated Cantoni mirrors the backstage becomes a set!

Gone are the days when the backstage was just “behind the scenes”, today there are many movie and television sets that are transformed into big make-up and hairstyle rooms that are the protagonists of the scene.

From reality shows with huge mirrors to broadcasts dedicated to restyling the look, Cantoni has solutions for every need, even for the most complex film productions.

Le Transportable makeup cases  and makeup station on wheels  are ideal for setting up large spaces that create long rows of workstations, but the design possibilities are truly endless, to recreate scenically high-impact contexts!

Illuminated mirrors and director’s chairs for dressing rooms in theaters and studios

The dressing room has always been the place where actors, models, directors and performers hide themselves in the moments, or more often hours, that precede  the shooting or the opening of the curtain. A cathartic moment that must be accompanied by all the comforts to allow an impeccable preparation and to go on stage the perfect look.

The Linea Unica mirrors with i-Light Cantoni technology and minimal design are the essential element for functional dressing rooms, whose mirror has the light necessary to illuminate the face or the entire figure. Most of the mirrors with traditional bulbs do not give enough light, and  need continuous maintenance and are not guaranteed in terms of safety!

Minimal design  for television studio backstages or more important frames for theaters that want to evoke a more decisive style.

Makeup chairs and mirrors are all customizable with logos of film production houses or names of guests who engage the dressing rooms for long periods.

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