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FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

CantoniFAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

The answersto the most Frequent Questions

Ever since we started manufacturing professional make-up stations, we have answered the questions and queries received every day from our customers, who write to us and phone us from every part of the world. In this section, we have listed some of the most frequent ones about our lighted makeup stations and more. If you do not see the answer to your question here, please contact us and we will try to assist you.

Why purchase a portable workstation? A carry bag is enough.

It is essential if you want to present yourself as a professional. Just as a good photographer would not turn up on set with a compact camera. Talent is essential, but the customer may perceive the result differently if the professional impact is poor.

It's heavy! How do I transport the equipment?

Cantoni’s make-up stations are the lightest on the market. There are smaller ones, but they are ineffective (the mirror is small, the light is non-existent, it is not attractive, has no legs…). The inevitable result would be that after using it once, you would never use it again. A Cantoni station can be transported and assembled with extreme ease, even if you are petite.

I have found other brands of cases and chairs that are less expensive. What is the difference?

Every detail of Cantoni’s make-up stations has been developed to meet the needs of make-up artists: shape, colour, range, interiors, ease of opening, safety regulations, light brightness and colour (for products with lighting), reliability, durability, support and advice. We have been doing this, and only this, for twenty years and we have more than 25,000 professional customers all over the world. There are numerous products available on the market but none of them can boast the construction quality, technology and materials of an original Cantoni.

Is it true that the make-up cases do not provide much light?

If the make-up case is not a Cantoni, then that is probably true. The I-light specifically designed for make-up belongs exclusively to Cantoni. Perfect lighting of the face is created by many components: the distance between lights, colour temperature, uniformity on the face, adjustability and many other elements. Only Cantoni knows every detail. If it is not a Cantoni, you might as well not buy it.

What if I break the light bulbs?

Cantoni stopped using light bulbs years ago. What look like bulbs are shatterproof, highly refractive domes: the light is produced by a mixture of different coloured, individually selected LEDs, capable of emitting neutral light, similar to daylight. The lights are guaranteed to remain unchanged and uniform over time for a duration of 100,000 operating hours. No heat is generated and their energy consumption is only 7 watt hours.

What does ``adjustable light`` mean?

The Cantoni I-light can be adjusted in rightness. This option is highly recommended as it allows you to adjust the brightness to match the light in the working environment.

Can you supply customised products?

Yes. Cantoni offers various options for customising products, both for single pieces and larger orders. Please see the “customisation” page for further information.

How do you assemble the light bulbs and the legs of the make-up cases?

Nothing needs assembling or screwing in and no tools are needed: the lights and legs are an integral part of the case.

I live in a country where the voltage is 110V (in the US for example). Are Cantoni products compatible?

Yes. All you need is an adaptor for the plug, which you can find in any hardware store or department store. You can find more information about this here.

Are all of the products made in Italy? Are they all Cantoni products?

All of the products we sell are strictly made in Cantoni’s factory in San Marino, a small enclave in Italy.

How can I order a Cantoni product?

Just send us your request by email. All you have to do then is accept the quote we send you and we will proceed with production and delivery.

How are deliveries handled? What happens if the product arrives damaged?

All of the products are delivered with strong, safe packaging. In addition, all of our deliveries to Italy and abroad are insured. You can find further information about the packing and delivery methods here.

Where can I find the dimensions and models for all of the products?

In the Products area you will find the product data sheets that can be downloaded in pdf format

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