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How to furnish a makeup corner?

CantoniRecommendationsHow to furnish a makeup corner?

How to furnish the ideal makeup corner: the key elements.

Functionality, technology, structural solidity are the key words to choose how to furnish a makeup corner in the store. Let us first see which are the aim to achieve to create the ideal ambience.

  • The makeup corner is bright in order to properly evaluate colours and shades, in every moment of the day.
  • The makeup corner has to be comfortable, but still professional: the client has to feel pampered but, at the same time, he has to be awake and reactive to take our “call to action”.
  • The corner dedicated to makeup has to be essential to be capable of being easily cleaned up, not gathering dust and not to make it look messy.
  • The makeup corner has to be properly custom and branded with its colours and logos or with those of the marks represented in the store. The client has to clearly know which they are, the products that there will be used and, in a second time, remember it. Let’s start with this last point, all too often neglected during the design phase and the spaces organization.

Backlit panels with interchangeable image

What is needed to give personality to a makeup corner are decorative elements which gives colours and communicates the right informations. The whole thing, flexibly and functionally in order to show to the need logos, pictures, details and portfolio’s realisations. The backlit led panels of PH visual line developed by Cantoni perfectly satisfy this exigence: it just need a couple, to choose in different measures from the ones into the catalogue, in which insert the printings, to completely and flexibly furnish the makeup corner

The Spring Fit system, the image replacement system created by Cantoni which allow to change the panel image with a simple pressure, makes the panel a very versatile tool.

The PH panels are easy to mount and available in wall-mounted, table-mounted or stand alone (pole-mounted) version to furnish makeup corner where is not possible to hang up and put on or for temporary makeup corner.

How to furnish the makeup corner with backlit panels

It’s good to reserve an advertising space to the different event’s sponsors that will be organised: a backlit medium sized square panel in which put the sponsor logo will be great and, in case of auto-promotional events, we will use that space to insert, for example, our logo or tag-line.

We expect to enter at least a pair of panels to insert decorative themed pictures (as that page picture in case we talk about makeup): they bring a touch of colours and need also to underline and to frame with professionalism their own realisations.

If we have a big desk (for example into the pharmacy or the salon) a table backlit panel become precious for the cross-selling and promote the impulse purchases. Here the picture must be changed frequently: promoted products, new brands, new services or packages


Which are the recommended dimensions to furnish the makeup corner?

  • PH01 735X1035 mm
  • PH02 450×1450 mm
  • PH12TABLE– 525 X 775 mm
    mm 485 x 485 x 5 (base)
    mm 65 x 65 x 2400h (pole)
    mm 450 x 1450 (PH02 in picture, but it can be used all the PH panels)

We can also produce tailor-made backlit panels to fit your project.

How to buy backlit panels

You can find all the available backlit led panels dimensions and more other details on the dedicated web site specifically to the furniture for the makeup corner Unica by Cantoni.
You can choose the image to insert into the panel or buy the panels as they are.

If you prefer, you can also send us a request for a quote.

Choose the mirror and the makeup chair

How to choose the others furnishing elements for the makeup corner? Here some suggestion dedicated to the choise of makeup chairs and to the lighted mirror.

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