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Image consultant services: additional skills for make-up artist who want to increase their business

CantoniRecommendationsImage consultant services: additional skills for make-up artist who want to increase their business

It’s extremely hard for a make-up artist to be unique and recognizable due to the huge amount of professionals around the world, but what is the new role of make-up artist in 2020?

If on one side there is a giant interest in becoming a mua, on the other side, thanks to influencers, youtube and the digital world in general, clients are more educated and demanding in the beauty area.

Until some years ago an ordinary woman asked for a professional for special events (especially weddings) and the request was just for make-up based, as an example, on the outfit; now a make-up session could be also extended to services once committed to image consultants only, such as color analysis.

What kind of services clients ask a make-up artist?


Roberta Scagnolari -Italian influencer and image consultant during a self-make-up session


How do I know what color looks best on me? What colors match my skin tone? What color is my undertone? What color suits dark skin tone female? Which is the best eyeshadow palette for my eyes color? These are some questions that a make-up artist can receive from a new client, and, in this way, a make-up session immediately becomes an image consultation!

A mua capable of answering all these questions and beyond could also increase his benefits, expanding duties range and guaranteeing an all-around consultation, usually more appreciated and required by clients.

Once a make-up artist learns additional expertise in color harmony extended to fashion, body shapes and hair style, he could be designated to suggest an entire outfit and look.

Why is it important to use color harmony and face/body morphology?



Today the world of professional make-up artists is divided in a lot of different techniques, styles and philosophies, we can see a big interest around contouring thanks to celebrities, or on the pencil technique re-launched from the north-European experts. Is instead a universal way to look at a new face to have always in mind the color wheel, and identify immediately the perfect color to use on the client thanks to the experience.

A MUA specialized in image consultation can teach a single client or to an entire self-make-up class how to find a color palette and tools to use everyday in the make-up routine and in the outfit too. There are some steps to follow to know a personal color range and usually the first one is to compare which one between a silver and a golden cloth matches better a skin tone.  A golden (or warm) undertone appears dull with silver and vice versa. This test could be also accomplished using jewels such as big earrings rather than cloths. Next steps include pale pink and orange cloths, striped and bright colors clothes to define a chromatic season to empathize face and body.

But clothes aren’t the only useful tools because an image consultant has skills to give tricks to the client to highlight strong points and hide blemishes in the face and body. As an example, a puffy face will appear thinner with shadows under cheekbones created with a face powder, and a waist could be pointed out with a big belt or a high waist skirt!

After an image consultation clients gain self-confidence and will suggest the experience to everyone!

Wedding consulting: from make-up to full body suggestions



For a make-up artist only a call from a bride-to-be is a moment where the professional listens to the client requests based on her skin type, the chosen wedding dress, hair style, etc, and, after collecting all these information, he could express his vision of beauty and starts a make-up test. Instead, when the make-up artist is also an image consultant, he can take care of the complete bridal look, and the appointment can take place even before every other choice. It’s a task of an image consultant to guide the bride in the selection of the most suitable wedding dress, suggesting the best style and design based on the body shape, the color most appropriate to the skin tone and even being with her in the boutique for the dress fitting.

About beauty is a more general approach that starts from hair color, haircut, hair style and accessories matched to the dress and continues with the final make-up for the big day!

From wardrobe consultation to makeover and personal shopping sessions



Before digital era image consulting was something reserved to personalities such as politicians, celebrities, professional speakers or other people who needed someone to be always on point about their public figure. Now it’s a trend to get an image consulting session for ordinary people too, so it’s a huge business opportunity for someone who loves this kind of job, especially for a make-up artist!

There are image consultants who follow seasonal colors palette rules, others who believe in different approaches, but it’s certain that a client could have a big shake in the wardrobe and not only in their facial aesthetic. Maybe someone could also discover to have in the walk-in-closet wrong colors only, or to wear usually outfits that aren’t appropriate for a certain body shape: a tall girl has a different type of clothes from a petite-short one, but both can be beautiful in their own dresses thanks to the consultation!

After these advises the image analyst can also propose a personal shopping session to guide the client to buy full outfits together in boutiques or fast-fashion shops!

Other skills of an image consultant



In addition to basic services, someone who works with the public can take advantage of the consultation to look his best at work (such as a hostess who needs to have the same make-up on everyday) and to create a uniform for a team. An image consultant can be also capable of designing clothing for special, formal or ordinary occasions, he can help in etiquette or social conventions in general or improve talent in public speaking.

How to start an image consultant business: the best academies in USA and book to read 



As most of the professional figures it’s important to attend an image consulting academies, but can be useful also a series of workshops, and achieve a certification in what you’re going to do after. An image consultant takes care of other people, so it’s ethically correct to suggest such changes and improvements with a  wealth of experience who let you do this job in the right way.

Around the USA there are a lot of accredited academies specialized in image consulting such as the Sterling Style Academy in Madison Avenue, New York, The Fashion Stylist Institute in Sacramento or The School of Style in Los Angeles

During the years a huge amount of books were born that can help everyone to become familiar with color theory and all the image consulting rules you should follow! Below a list of the most useful:

  • The Beginner’s Guide to Colour Psychology – by Angela Wright
  • You Are What You Wear: What Your Clothes Reveal About You – by Jennifer Baumgartner
  • Make up Manual – by Bobbi Brown 
  • The Definitive Book of Body Language – by Allan & Barbara Pease
  • The Triumph of Individual Style – by Carla Mathis & Helen Villa Connor
  • How to Do a Color Analysis: 10 Steps to Completing the Perfect Color 
  • The 11 Laws of Likability
  • The Image of Leadership: How leaders package themselves to stand out for the right reasons
  • The Instyle books – especially The Secrets of Style

Once you learned everything you need you could run an image consulting studio or start as a freelancer going around your country with your tools (lighted mirrors, make-up chair, fabric samples, body analysis kit, facial shape assessors, etc…) helping people to find their best way to show themselves!


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