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The new lighted tabletop vanity mirror is MDE

CantoniPreviewsThe new lighted tabletop vanity mirror is MDE

The PRO lighted vanity mirror becomes portable

MDE-table is the new lighted tabletop vanity mirror of the Cantoni range. The mirror is a little masterpiece, with the features that professional makeup artists, hairstylists and makeup lovers could ask for: it has a clean design, it is compact, it has a wide mirror; the lighting system is low consumption, with a Hollywood effect created with light lenses set within the glass surface; the lights don’t emit heat and they have a neutral shade, perfect for makeup. Furthermore, the MDE-Table tabletop vanity mirror is portable and available in 2 different dimensions. As all the products of the Cantoni range, this portable vanity mirror is handcrafted in Italy.

  • Frame and back in satin finish aluminium
  • Chrome-plated foldable back support
  • Lighting system with 6 I-light lenses
  • Shatterproof glass
  • Customizable surface with company logo or name/text
  • Available in 2 different dimensions
  • Handcrafted in Italy
  • Electrical and emission immunity certification
  • 110V-240V compatible

The perfect lighted tabletop vanity mirror for makeup lessons

The MDE-Table lighted vanity mirror is the ideal solution for setting up makeup schools, where it is a priority managing multi-purpose spaces, using the tables, from time to time, as desks or as makeup stations. The MDE-Table mirror has both the correct size and the ideal light to be used during professional makeup sessions, but also the light weight and the ease of use that are essential for a movable piece of furnishing.

MDE tabletop lighted mirror gif photo

Technical sheet

  • Dimensions:
    MDE506: mm 504x418x35
    MDE507: mm 598x444x35
  • Size when opened: mm 504x418x200 o mm 598x444x200
  • Weight:
    MDE506 kg 4,82
    MDE507 Kg 5,65

How to buy the vanity tabletop mirror MDE

You can buy and customize the lighted vanity mirror MDE-Table on our e-shop Cantonishop.

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