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Makeup artist chair S105: the anti tip makeup chair

CantoniPreviewsMakeup artist chair S105: the anti tip makeup chair

This chair is a elegant, comfortable, high load capacity and foldable make-up armchair, carachterized by the ergonomic design. The exclusive anti tip system by Cantoni makes it stable and safe. Handcrafted in Italy.

Eco-leather ermined back and seat.

  • Anti-tipping structure made of anodized 17/20 micron aluminium.
  • 306 passivated stainless steel finishes.
  • Armrests in dried ash with matching colour of seat and backrest, visibile wood grain.
  • Standard colors of back and seat: white and black.
  • Personalizable color of seat, back and armrests.
  • Ergonomic seat.
  • Lightweight and foldable.
  • Customizable whit logo.

The chair S105 is designed to make the daily work of the makeup artist easier, comfortable and safe while ensuring maximum safety to the customer. We know that the traditional makeup chairs, if the customer moves up on the footrest, tend to tip over. To solve this inconvenience, which may result in a dangerous fall of the customer, Cantoni has created the S105 chair and its “sister” S104, which are not only elegant and very comfortable but absolutely safe.

Available accessories for the anti tip makeup chair s105 model

Both the chair S105 that the S104 can be equipped with the exclusive removable headrest Cantoni: it can be reclined and adjusted in height, and it’s especially useful on long makeup sessions: the model or the customer will keep the head steady, and he/she will be comfortable.

The S105 chair can also be completed with the kleenex holder accessory (to be attached to the arm), and the B03 bag, a useful and spacious bag with a brush holder.

Technical sheet

Dimensions: mm 510 x 510 x 1055
Seat height to the floor: mm 725
Weight: Kg 8,5
Made in Italy

How to buy the makeup chair S105

You can buy the S105 on our e-shop in the standard colors. If you need a quote for more pieces or for the color customization service (min. 5 pieces), ask us for your own quote.

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