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Reviews about Cantoni: what our customers say

CantoniReviews about Cantoni: what our customers say

They are professional, freelance make-up artists, senior make-up artists and marketing and merchandising managers for large companies in the beauty industry, make-up schools, representatives from the world of show business, or people who have simply purchased our products online. Thank you to the thousands of customers who have believed in us over the years and have sent in their photographs and told us about their experiences and reviews about Cantoni.

Vanessa Roy – Trade Marketing Manager – Christian Dior

We have been working with Cantoni since at least 2014, relying on their professionalism and perfect execution of our demand in the making of our personalized products. Every year, we have called on them for the creation of products and have never been disappointed. The announced delays of manufacturing are respected, and we can always count on a very reactive assistance.

Custom make up cases for Dior

Julie Lemaire – buyer PLV project at Clarins

We have been working with the Cantoni company for several years now. We appreciate the quality of their articles but also the reliability of their service and their responsiveness which has led us to regularly renew our partnership and to use their service on several occasions.

Custom makeup cases for Clarins

Paul Champagne – Comedie Française

I wanted to thank you for the quality of your products, the discussions we had and for your work. We have received your mirrors, which were installed on Monday. Our workshops are delighted and appreciate the new functions of these mirrors.

Comédie Française

Natalia Taramazzo – PRO make-up artist – Spain

I saw the case in a beauty salon during a trip to Italy… it was love at first sight! Since I started using the Cantoni make-up case my work has changed completely. It is practical, complete, original and very professional. It is now much easier for me to transport all of my products. My customers love seeing a proper make-up station set up in their own home. Every make-up session becomes a special event with Cantoni.

Natalia Taramazzo

Custom make up case for MUA Natalia Taramazzo

A. S. – Purchasing Manager for DM

We would not change a thing with the Cantoni make-up cases! They are perfect just as they are! DM contacted Cantoni because they were searching for an original solution to make their stores more glamorous and professional. Cantoni make-up cases have a positive impact on customers inside the store in terms of image and visibility. They are high-quality, strong and resistant products. Each store manager can use the station for organising events and promoting.

Makeup case for DM Germany

S. C. – International Make Up Artist – Clarins

At Cantoni, you know exactly what a make-up artist needs! The speed, practicality, space and elegance of your workstations are unbeatable for those working in this sector. It is clear that even the smallest details are born from experience. The light is truly perfect. I recently had the chance to work with the new illuminated mirrors from Cantoni’s Unica range and I believe they represent a new frontier in live make-up shows thanks to the luxury by which they are distinguished and the I-light lighting system, which renders the make-up so realistically. I recommend customisation of the internal spaces.

Custom make up chairs for Clarins

Moira Vinci – Coordinator for Apulia Università del Benessere

We became aware of Cantoni seven years ago, when we were looking for furnishings for the school in keeping with the world of make-up. The wheeled stations with lights and double-fronted mirrors make it possible for the students to work in pairs. The wooden, dual-height, folding chairs mean we are always working in the right position, making it possible to tolerate long make-up sessions. The supply was completed with a case for sessions taking place outside. Despite intensive use, all of the products are still in excellent condition.

Make up tables and chairs for make up school in Italy

Roberta Anzaldi – PRO make-up artist – Italy

I take the illuminated case with me everywhere and my customers…they love it! I travel for my work and the Cantoni case allows me to work anywhere in a professional and organised manner and, most importantly, with suitable lighting, which is essential for a successful make-up session. The use of appropriate tools, such as the Cantoni illuminated make-up case, makes all of this possible and has a positive effect on the impression I make on my customers.

Makeup case for Mua freelance

Monica Robustelli – Senior Make Up Artist for Revlon

Revlon provides Cantoni make-up stations to simplify the work and support its MUAs. To bring out the texture and colour of the products, Revlon asks its senior MUAs to carefully select the right position with the best lighting in the event location. I take my new generation I-light Cantoni with me. I’ve arranged it to suit me so that I can work more efficiently. When I get there, I just open it up and I am immediately ready to work.


Makeup case for Italian freelance MUA Monica Robustelli

Skye Edwards – Singer

I saw a few videos of your cases online and was impressed by their quality. I like the VT101CTR, it has loads of space and seems spacious enough for my needs. The on/off LED lighting system is excellent. I am travelling through Russia, Australia, New Zealand and America. I took the Cantoni case on tour with me. The case is incredible. I will send some photos and updates during my trip. Thank you so much! I love it!

Make up case for the singer Skye Edwards

D. G. – Marketing Manager with Ga.Ma

The main benefit is the small amount of space occupied by the corner. We chose Cantoni to assist us with developing a project involving the use of corners and promotional events in sales outlets. Cantoni has developed a customised, portable workstation for us that has made our events more efficient. The main benefit is the small amount of space occupied by the corner, a factor that not only allows us to hold a greater number of events, but also means we can position the workstation in the best location for us in the sales outlet. The corner’s Hollywood-style appeal attracts instinctive curiosity, encouraging public participation in the event. We think Cantoni’s products are versatile and multifunctional.

Hairdresser cases for GaMa Professional

Ronald Maasakkers – PRO make-up artist – The Netherlands

I could not do without my Cantoni workstation now: it fully enhances the way I work. I work in many different situations and for a wide variety of customers: the Cantoni workstation has simplified my life. I could not think of travelling without it now, because working with the correct lighting and presenting my work in the best possible way has become truly essential.

Makeup case and chair for MUA Ronald Massakkers

C. S. – Marketing Retail Manager for the Deborah Group

Being able to rely on agile and compact workstations gives us greater flexibility. We purchased Cantoni equipment to support our in-store events with our senior make-up artists and to create make-up corners for personalised advice in the sales outlet. The black finish and clean lines of Cantoni’s workstations immediately associate our products and sales staff with the world of professional make-up. Being able to rely on agile and compact workstations gives us greater flexibility in choosing the best position, making our presence in the sales outlet more efficient and attracting a constant flow of customers when positioned close to the shop windows.

Custom makeup case and chair for Deborah

Caroline Vorreyer – Dr Babor Gmbh & Co K

The chairs are absolutely top! Our logo BABOR printed on the back looks really good. Personally, I find that the mirror lighting is super!

Makeup stations and chairs for makeup school of Babor

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