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To Reach the Finish Linetake care of every step

Intuition, creativity and experience, combined with technology, are what make every professional workstation for makeup artist unique. We want to explain how our products are conceived, because the ideas, attention to detail and passion that we put into our work are what make the difference between a copy and an original.


Our products exist and become successful thanks to the time dedicated to them by everyone at Cantoni. We work together to find the best solutions: we believe it is the best way to work, preserving the effectiveness of good ideas.

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The production of professional workstation for makeup artist
Detail of makeup mirror Cantoni


We love the way innovation has allowed us to improve. Numeric control robotic machines, laser and LED technology. Our products have become more efficient whilst remaining intuitive to use, as all the true products of design.

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A professional workstation for makeup artist must be easy to use, reliable and attractive to look at. It must meet specific needs. The Cantoni products stand out for both functional and design details.

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Production of professional workstation for makeup artist
Professional workstation for makeup artist


Every professional must rely on equipment that comply with safety standards, built with high quality materials and durable. The Cantoni products protect the health of the practitioner and the client.

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To ensure customers are certain to receive their purchases in perfect condition, the packing and delivery process benefits from the same level of care dedicated to the creation of every one of Cantoni’s products.

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Packaging of professional workstation for makeup artist
Offices in Cantoni factory


The careful selection of raw materials and components guarantees the long working life of our products. The spare parts for the professional workstations for makeup artists Cantoni will be available for at least ten years and the after-sales service is always friendly and efficient.

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