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We believe that the characteristics that should distinguish a professional make-up station are simplicity of use and reliability. A professional product must meet specific needs as well as having an attractive appearance. To achieve this goal we have chosen materials and suppliers very carefully, ensuring that every element is both efficient and practical. These are the characteristics that you will find in all of Cantoni makeup stations, strictly Made in Italy.

Finishes and details of Cantoni makeup stations

A true beauty artist will recognize a Cantoni makeup station instantly; one glance at the chrome finished corners marked with our logo, a quick look at the distinctive hemispherical domes of the I-light system and a stroke of the profiles made using the finest professional materials are all that you need to confirm the identity of the make-up station in front of you.

Cantoni makeup station finishing details.

Cantoni makeup stations have been copied many times over the years: not just the trolley cases for make-up artists, but also the makeup chairs and the rolling makeup stations. The difference lies in the details, which define functionality and reliability. The make-up station with lights is the symbol of the profession of the make-up artist. It is an ally that a make-up artist cannot do without… only if it is Cantoni.

Finishing for a Cantoni makeup trolley.

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