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Cantoni I-light technology

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The only makeup light specifically designed for PRO make-up

The I-light system is the only lighting technology specifically designed for makeup: natural, neutral and without areas of shadow. Precisely the type of makeup light that all MUAs would want to have. We called this new light, patented in 2010 after 14 years of research, the I-light. We have applied it to all of our make-up stations, getting rid of the old light bulbs, achieving our goal to provide make-up artists with perfect makeup light in any work condition.

I-light system is the best makeup light for makeup artist

We have studied and analysed every single detail of this special light for makeup: from the distance between light points to the uniformity of the light emission, paying absolute care and attention to selecting the right colour temperature of 4200 Kelvin; we have identified materials and solutions capable of guaranteeing at least 100,000 operating hours with minimal energy consumption (max. 4 watt/h for every light point). The makeup light sources do not generate heat and do not need to be removed or cooled. What on first glance may appear to be bulbs, are actually lenses, made of highly refractive, shatterproof material capable of diffusing and screening the light in a perfectly uniform manner.

I-light is the ideal makeup light system

The I-light system, like any true technology that is the product of design, is as functional as it is intuitive to use: just position the station and press a single switch to switch the lighting system on and off. The brightness can also be adjusted, in order to get the ideal light for makeup in every context.

makeup with the best makeup light Cantoni

The differences with other lighting systems

Investing in a mirror with integrated Cantoni lighting is a guarantee in the long term, as well as a huge benefit at work. Compared to the lights commonly used on make-up mirrors, such as light bulbs or neon lights, the i-Light allows, in addition to a perfectly illuminated reflection without shaded areas, to adapt the intensity of light to the environment in which the mirror is located.

The uniformity of light on the face is a characteristic that derives from the study of the distances of the single bulbs, which is difficult to achieve with a strip of bulbs positioned on the upper part of the mirror, for example. Illuminating the upper area of a mirror will accentuate the dark circles due to the shadows created by the lashes, a situation that never occurs when the lights are in the right place!



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