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Production cycle

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Genuine design products, functional and intuitive to use

Intuition, creativity and experience, combined with technology, are the elements that have enabled Cantoni to constantly anticipate the needs of beauty professionals.
Cantoni’s product ranges have given “on the move” make-up artists the equipment for professional makeup needed to establish their own professional profile and present themselves in a suitable manner. The Unica range brings the emotional value and increased functionality of a professional light to the world of interior decor for the first time.

Cantoni designs professional equipment for makeup artists
Cantoni designs professional equipment for makeup

How the Cantoni equipment is created

The first steps towards bringing the original idea to life are taken by Cantoni’s technical office. Working from a paper sketch to start with, the design is given a three-dimensional aspect using CAD 3D design, which fine tunes the functional details of the professional makeup equipment. The design, then, passes through the hands of expert Italian masters who work closely with Cantoni and are entrusted with the development of prototypes. The prototype of the product is then delivered to Cantoni. From this moment on, the makeup equipment is subject to numerous and repeated tests by the various production departments: safety, stability, durability and appearance. Every one of these aspects is assessed and refined, at times for years, before a version of the product is deemed ready to launch.

Numeric control machinery for high quality equipment for professional makeup
Numeric control machinery for high-precision processes.

Unique and high-end pieces

Each Cantoni product line follows a different production process, determined by the materials of which it is composed. Wood products, aluminum products, mirrors and plastic products, in fact, are dealt with very different methodologies by craftsmen with specific skills. Our network of suppliers provides us with the highest quality semi-finished equipment for professional makeup we require to them. Then, only when we receive the order from the customer, the equipment enters the production line and our experts care for every detail and customization, according to customer requirements: interior spaces, type of lighting, printing and application of the logo.

Equipment for professional makeup
Personalization: printing and application of the logo.



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