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Every little girl dreams of a few things: Her wedding day, her wedding dress, a big closet and her very own beauty routine, which is going to make her feel glamorous and beautiful. Nowadays, you can find so many beauty tutorials online that it is almost impossible not to know what contour or baking makeup is. Sometimes I am watching these videos and I think to myself “Wow, I will never be able to pull this off.” What’s more, after the rise of video beauty tutorials, many people have noticed that beauty vloggers have awesome spaces where they create their

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Image consultant services: additional skills for make-up artist who want to increase their business

It’s extremely hard for a make-up artist to be unique and recognizable due to the huge amount of professionals around the world, but what is the new role of make-up artist in 2020? If on one side there is a giant interest in becoming a mua, on the other side, thanks to influencers, youtube and the digital world in general, clients are more educated and demanding in the beauty area. Until some years ago an ordinary woman asked for a professional for special events (especially weddings) and the request was just for make-up based, as an example, on the outfit; [...]

Makeup mirror with lights: how to choose the best one

We live in an era where it’s impossible to think about our make-up time without imagining a luxurious dressing table or a perfect professional beauty room. But what is the best vanity mirror? And which is the right light for make-up? If you do your make-up in the bathroom or if you have space large enough to create a vanity corner, you must start from the mirror, with shape and size based on the wall you have available. The basic element to choose the right mirror is the lighting system and, walking around furniture stores, you should check a lot

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Beauty salon furniture: examples of tailored design projects

A welcoming and functional setting is the basis of every furnishing project for beauty centers and salons and Cantoni is able to offer a very high degree of customization to satisfy every need for space and style. In addition to the well-known quality of all the supplies for professional beauty schools, hairdressers, make–up studios and everything that revolves around the world of beauty in general, Cantoni has a team of designers and technicians ready to guide you from design to after-sales assistance. You can take advantage of an indispensable support in the creation of bespoke workstations and in the style

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Barber shop: from signboard of the Middle Ages to the vintage furniture of barbers who love design

If men have become increasingly attentive to aesthetics over the centuries, everything also transpires from the furnishings of modern barber shops, increasingly avant-garde in equipment but with an inevitable retrò touch. Like the fashion that cyclically returns, the ways of styling hair and beard make historical courses truly incredible and so in the last 30 years we have gone from the trend of the completely shaved man to the hipster man. Barbers are now delighted in treating beards with specific oils that not even beauty centers offer so many, and in fact the attention and care of the beard is even

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Make-Up Artist Free Lance – How to carry around all my make-up stuff

“I have been a free lance make- up artist since 1990 : I have seen many fashions changing and so many styles , but what has not changed is the fact that I never had a Cantoni makeup station of my own. The reason? It is because every time I work with Anna (Cantoni N.d.R.)and Ettore I can use theirs, so I simply take advantage of that!” – Cristina begins with a smile. I’m going to introduce Maria Cristina Laghi, nice and whimsical make-up artist with a biker soul, working since 1992 on Cantoni photo backstages. Cristina is a free

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How to give more value to your works as a free-lance makeup artist

An important part of makeup artists work is studying the best way possible to present themselves, standing out with their work. Because you must know that the first impression a makeup artist gives is the more valuable business card to his/her customer. An excellent presentation of you and your works can grant you big satisfactions and new customers. Fashion your personal work-of-art portfolio If you are a beginner makeup artist, you will need a portfolio with the best of your works to show to your potential customers. You can choose between a classic portfolio and an online digital portfolio: we think that the

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Looking for Christmas presents for makeup artists?

What is the best Christmas present for a makeup artist? It is not simple, for who does not live inside the makeup professional world, choose the most right product. Some good hints about the best Christmas present for a son/daughter, a girlfriend/boyfriend or a friend working or starting to work as a professional makeup artist or as a beautician, we get from who choose in the past years already. So let’s go to take a look at the Cantoni’s best sellers for the Christmas time. Evergreen best sellers 1. The makeup case with lights and mirror VT.BE Every makeup artist

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Wedding make-up: how to set the MUA work-station at best

The wedding day is rare, sparkling, full of emotions. Not only for the bride but also for whoever is next to her. Let’s see how to set the make-up working station in the best and most comfortable way. The make-up artist plays a vital role in the success of this day and for the memories linked to that: this is why his/her mission must have two code words: professionalism and savoir-faire. The make-up working station where you will paint the bride must to be set in a quiet and possibly lightful area, where she can relax and be pampered by

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Cantoni in Classic Blue: the Pantone 2020 trend that wears mirrors and beauty corners

There are colors imprinted in our mind because they remind us of something, or perhaps because they were the Pantone of the year we were waiting for, but Classic Blue is destined to be remembered by many, because it marks the beginning of a new decade and, most likely, will affect not only the year that has just begun but the next 10 years. And could such a trendy color not take possession of the illuminated mirrors and furnishings of studios, academies and stores? In addition to being functional to the work of make-up artist and hair stylist in the

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What are the most appreciated gifts from makeup artists, hair stylists and beauty professionals? If you are drawing up your wish-list, here is an overview of the #musthave Cantoni for professionals and makeup lovers: Trolley bag and cases for make-up artists, hair stylists and estheticians,  professionals and beginners To contain all the tools needed to do your job the choice of the box or trolley is the first step to do, even better if to give as a gift! From the beauty box to carry over the shoulder to the High-Box with drawers, all the Cantoni  boxes are resistant and compact

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Make-up in hairdressing salons: how to increase revenue and offer a total look

In the world of beauty, professional gurus travel with a not inconsiderable fluidity and make-up artists become hair stylists while hair stylists also equip themselves to work with make-up. If on the one hand there are make-up artists, who are in most cases freelancers, on the other hand there are hairdressers who already own a salon and have the advantage of being more “exposed” commercially to the public. It becomes almost obligatory for a business such as the hairdressing salon to move towards the expansion of services, in the same way as a centre that starts with basic aesthetics and

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The makeup school furniture is really essential, composed mainly of make-up mirrors, consoles and  chairs. Why overlook these important aspects to provide students a proper education? Just like for university courses, where there is always a flaw, even the educational paths of decorative cosmetics may have bugs that depend on factors of different nature, but what many schools have in common is the academic program. Make up Mirrors designed  to teach color theory Theory of color, shadows and lights, is often overlooked, passing directly to the techniques of applying funds, eye shadows and lipsticks based on the morphology of the faces. But how do you recognize the right

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Dressing rooms in the spotlight? With the illuminated Cantoni mirrors the backstage becomes a set!

Gone are the days when the backstage was just “behind the scenes”, today there are many movie and television sets that are transformed into big make-up and hairstyle rooms that are the protagonists of the scene. From reality shows with huge mirrors to broadcasts dedicated to restyling the look, Cantoni has solutions for every need, even for the most complex film productions. Le Transportable makeup cases  and makeup station on wheels  are ideal for setting up large spaces that create long rows of workstations, but the design possibilities are truly endless, to recreate scenically high-impact contexts! Illuminated mirrors and director’s chairs

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The best professional makeup bag: Highbox trolley

Tight deadlines,  frequent trips, small workspaces to place your cosmetic products and accessories: for every professional makeup artist these issues are everyday problems to deal with.  Transport and organise at best the equipment is such a central matter for this professional category! Taking advantage of the professional makeup artist's experience and aiming to solve their problems, Cantoni engineered and created Highbox,  a lightweight trolley makeup bag with compartments and trays and a lot of space in the upper part to insert the bulky equipment.  Sturdy and thermal, you can also personalise it with your name or logo. Matching and stackable [...]

Why get a pro makeup station with lights

In the community of makeup artists often we discuss the most efficient solutions to organise our tools, and we all agree that nothing is better than a makeup station with lights. But why is it so important to have a portable makeup station? Here are 5 good reasons to step forward and invest in a makeup station. Why choose a makeup case with lights and mirror? 1. The lighting system of the makeup station The professional makeup artist works every day in any condition: sometimes we have the luck to work in front of a real vanity table, but the [...]