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Our Proposals forBeauty Professionals

Cantoni is a makeup stations supplier which offers effective, targeted solutions for the various types of professionals involved in the world of beauty. Solutions that have been conceived and researched in the field, manufactured based on experience, the main features of which include the I-light lighting system, practicality of use and flexibility. Not only does Cantoni offer its customers the most technologically advanced make-up stations in the world, it also shares all of its creativity, transforming it into an advice service that makes all the difference.


Beauty artists work in the most varied of situations, whether they are freelance or working for a prestigious brand. Cantoni has created portable workstations so these professionals can be sure they will always have a comfortable workstation with them that will enable them to work in a clean and efficient manner.

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Makeup with Cantoni case
Beauty brands using Cantoni makeup stations


Brand visibility projects, marketing in sales outlets, fashion shows, single-brand store furnishings and temporary corners for the large-scale distribution sector. For its corporate customers, Cantoni is a proactive partner capable of developing complex projects with custom-made workstations for beauty, cosmetics or perfumes.

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Cantoni illuminated corners can be used for many purposes in commercial spaces: promotional events, courses on how to apply your own make-up or live make-up shows with entertainment. The daylight lighting, large mirrors and unmistakable elegance of the designs make Cantoni’s make-up stations natural catalysts for attracting your customers’ attention.

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Makeup stations supplier for salons
Cantoni: makeup stations supplier


Cantoni has created purposely designed solutions to support training projects in the beauty sector. The goal is to provide make-up artist schools with effective, professional workstations with lights designed for make-up, proposing flexible solutions suitable for furnishing both small and large spaces.

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Cantoni has been a partner of excellence and makeup stations supplier for many years for television and film productions in Italy and abroad, supplying portable make-up stations, illuminated mirrors and make-up chairs. A range of stations specifically intended for projects within the showbusiness industry is also available for hire.

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Cantoni the professional makeup stations supplier


The potential offered by the dimmable I-light technology that distinguishes Cantoni’s products is showcased in the mirrors and vanity stations from the Unica range of furnishings. Large mirrors with 24 light points, artisanal vanity tables, make-up chairs. The perfect range of products for furnishing high-level beauty corners, salons and boutiques.

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