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#stayhome: book a Cantoni solution with a 20% discount

CantoniAgenda Recommendations#stayhome: book a Cantoni solution with a 20% discount

Among who is in smartworking and who is still with work, the hashtag #stayhome is rampant, in Italy as all over the world, and what better way to spend this hard period than plan a great restart?

This is the reason why we decided to offer all those who were in the process of setting up a beauty area a 20% discount on all Cantoni equipment, from illuminated mirrors to make-up chairs to various solutions for make-up stations, fixed, transportable, on wheels and modular.

It will be possible to order by contacting us here to take advantage of the reduction and shipments will take place as soon as the Covid-19 emergency has returned!

The entire catalog is available on the cantonionline website, just write to to get all the information on customizations and custom mirrors!

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