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Wedding make-up: how to set the MUA work-station at best

CantoniRecommendationsWedding make-up: how to set the MUA work-station at best

The wedding day is rare, sparkling, full of emotions. Not only for the bride but also for whoever is next to her. Let’s see how to set the make-up working station in the best and most comfortable way.

The make-up artist plays a vital role in the success of this day and for the memories linked to that: this is why his/her mission must have two code words: professionalism and savoir-faire.

make-up workstation for bridal makeup artist

The make-up working station where you will paint the bride must to be set in a quiet and possibly lightful area, where she can relax and be pampered by her trusted make-up artist, far away from the coming and going of guests and relatives.

The make-up artist should bring along a mirror with good professional lights so as not having to rely on the external light, often lacking or inadequate. The optimal solution to solve the general deficiency of tables or shelves where to lay our make-up accessories in a safe and practical way, is the PRO trolley make-up case with lights: easy to setup and place where you prefer, gives you also a very professional image.

Needless to say:

  •  cleanliness and order are imperative
  • you need to instill quiet and happiness in your bride: so, please, not appear stressed and frantic!

Get the bride to make herself at home offering a chair that must be comfortable and sure for her but also convenient for your work. Now, only listen to her, dedicate yourself to her: today is her day, and you are a critical piece of making the wedding day puzzle utterly perfect.

make-up workstation for bridal makeup artistPlace everything you’ll need on hand, without leaving unnecessary things around.

Prepare an emergency kit (for a pimple, puffiness, dark circles, herpes) and make sure to be ready for any eventuality, the bride will thank you.

Be empathetic: chat, if she needs to be distracted, put some background music on if she needs to rest.

At the end of your work, remember to reorder and clean up, leaving the room in the same conditions as it was before your arrival.

Good luck to all!



Photo Credits:
Natalia Tamarazzo Make-up artist
Katey Joyner makeup artist
Alexander Karnizov makeup artist

Authorized translation  from the original Italian piece


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