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Introducing the portable personalised makeup and hairstyling stations for Lierac and Phyto

The new skin and hair care products by Lierac and Phyto Paris brands,  in their superb and elegant packaging,  have been introduced, during the last Alés Groupe’s meeting in Paris, using special portable beauty stations created by Cantoni. The beauty portable stations (Cantoni VT103 model) and the makeup chairs with adjustable headrest (S102.A + HR System) have been printed with the designs and graphics of Lierac and Phyto.

Customised makeup case for lierac cantoni

A different solution for every beauty brand: personalised portable makeup stations

The customization service has been developed to create exclusive make-up stations that meet specific needs, are unique and are immediately recognisable.

Cantoni is capable of offering a myriad of custom-made makeup stations thanks to the continuous and long-lasting cooperation maintained with its suppliers and the Italian craftsmen who every day produce the semifinished parts used to manufacture our brand products.

  • Lierac personalised solution: lighted makeup station VT103 + Makeup chair S102A with adjustable headrest HR System. Customized coloured graphic on mirror, case cover and chair backrest. Custom made pouches to store the products inside the case when it is closed.
  • Phyto Hair personalised solution: lighted makeup case VT103 silver color + Makeup chair S102A. Custom-made pouches to store the hair products inside.
customised hair stylist case

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