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Lighted makeup stations for makeup schools and academies

CantoniCantoni solutionsLighted makeup stations for makeup schools and academies

Make-up mirrors and lighted makeup stations for makeup schools

Opening a makeup school involves important choices made of considerable investment, acquisition of lighted makeup stations, the searching for sponsors. That is why Cantoni has created solutions purposely designed to meet the needs of training courses in the beauty sector. The goal is to provide effective, professional stations, with perfect lighting for make-up, offering various, flexible solutions suitable for furnishing both small and large spaces.

Lighted makeup table for makeup school
Lighted makeup tables for makeup schools on wheels, with double fronted lighted mirror. Mod. L400x2 full mirror + black wooden makeup chair S104 with anti-tip base. On the wall the backlit panels of the Cantoni Visual Range

Lighted makeup stations on wheels for makeup schools

The product purposely designed for makeup schools and salons is the wheeled make-up station. When space is at a premium, up to four students can work simultaneously from a single make-up station. The coordinated trolley LC makes it possible for students to share the same set of products. Available in various models, the L200 and L400 wheeled make-up stations by Cantoni are perfectly complemented by the S102N and S104 chairs for make-up artists in black lacquered wood.

Wall mirror with lights for makeup schools
Wall mirror mod. MDE502 with 12 I-light points, low consumption for makeup schools

Wall-mounted illuminated mirrors for makeup schools

If there is plenty of wall space available in the school, Cantoni recommends installing wall-mounted illuminated mirrors. Available  version with the I-light lighting system set in the frame (mod.SP) or the MDE modular range with the lights set directly in the mirror, they create a professional and evocative atmosphere.

To complete the wall furniture, Cantoni offers translucent shelves in various sizes. The high make-up chairs in aluminium or wood with single or adjustable height and headrest ideally complement the make-up stations.

professional makeup mirror for academies

miroirs lumineux avec lumière professionnelle pour écoles
miroirs lumineux avec lumière professionnelle pour écoles

Work-stations with illuminated table mirrors

Spaces have to be managed dynamically in a make-up school. Sometimes a school-room style arrangement is needed, whilst other times the same tables need to be transformed into makeup stations for practical lessons. Cantoni offers a range of illuminated table mirrors suitable for make-up courses, single lessons or seminars: you can choose among the foldable vanity mirror MDE-TABLE, theLTV wooden version or the MW01.TSK multitasking portable version. The latter, which can be hung from a wall or used as a table mirror, is easy to transport and combines the quality of Cantoni lighting with the utmost practicality.


The I-light lighting system for learning the correct use of colour

To train the best professional make-up artists, we believe it is fundamental to use the right lighted makeup station exactly in the makeup schools: the right choice is an enveloping lighting at the correct colour temperature, avoiding light points that generate heat or cast shadows on the face. In fact, the correct use of light must not be overlooked when learning how to use colour, chiaroscuro and contrast correctly, all of which are key elements to good make-up. That is why our products are fitted with the I-light lighting system, the only lighting system in the world designed for make-up artists.



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