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‘One day in Rome’ by Silvera featuring Cantoni

CantoniAgenda‘One day in Rome’ by Silvera featuring Cantoni

Cantoni is the technical sponsor for the Roman event “One Day in Rome”, 3rd edition, by Silvera perfumery. Our lighted beauty workstations will have the honor to host some of the most interesting “noses” of the international perfumery system.

Silvera Profumi d’autore’, Rome, July, 7th

Thursday, July 7, from 19:00 to 21:00, Silvera, the well known Roman artistic perfumery, will host the 3rd edition of the event ‘One Day in Rome’. The event, conceived by the founders of the  boutique, placed in Via di Ripetta 122, to celebrate the perfume world, features several  international premieres.

Founded to give a voice and a stage to the interpreters of the artistic perfumery worldwide, the boutique has been brought in Rome from year to year some of the most interesting key player of the international perfumery scene.

“We want to give the public the opportunity to approach the artistic perfumery in an innovative way. To do this, we not just follow the trade fairs, but observe everything that happens out of them; research, originality and, why not, unpredictability are the common denominators of our selection” declare the founders of Silvera.

Perfumery Event Rome One day in Rome

Guests and Internation Premieres

Spain | Santi Burgas By Santiago Burgas Bou .
France – Australia | Map Of The Heart by Sarah Blair, Jeffrey Darling Giovanna Aicardi International development marketing.
Italy | Officina Delle Essenze by Maurizio Lembo.

The roman perfumery boutique is going to add, to the famous brands already sold in, the  French newborn brand  ‘Maison de Parfum  Gri Gri by Anaïs Biguine’  who plays the ancestral language of the tattoo and processes it in the complexity of its fragrance, the New Fragrance “Sideshow” and, from England, the exclusive home fragrance & luxury scented candles by “True Grace Essence of England”.

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