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Cantoni for the TV reality production on Sky1-HD

CantoniVideosCantoni for the TV reality production on Sky1-HD

The Cantoni makeup case with lights for SKy1

The beauty will save the world“: this is  the subtitle of the new season of “Lookmaker Academy,” the reality TV show dedicated to style and beauty that will air on Sky1 HD from May 16th; over 200 beauty stylists from all over Italy is going to compete to create the perfect outfit. Makeup, hair-styling, fashion: the competitors must demonstrate that they have creativity and talent in order to get the approval of the ‘Lookmaker Academy’,’s founder Maria Grazia Longhi, and continue the race as well.

For the TV show stage, Sky has chosen to use the iconic product of make-up artist: the lighted makeup case Cantoni branded.

Take a look at the promotional video of "Lookmaker Academy"

The lighted workstations as spectacular furnishings on TV shows

Cantoni’s products, which have always been natural stars of the backstage, have also taken some leading roles in front of the camera in recent years, appearing in the sets of various films and TV production for RAI, Mediaset and Sky.

During the filming of the reality show, the competitors – make-up artists, hairdressers and professionals of the world of beauty – will work on Voyager  lighted makeup cases. This model, the top of the Cantoni makeup case range, with its original design and the large mirror generates a strong impression. This characteristic, together with the large work space offered and the outstanding brightness, makes the Voyager makeup case the favorite for television productions, fashion shows and for all situations in which the makeup station leaves the backstage to enter the scene.

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