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Aesthetics safe with the customized visor

CantoniAgenda PreviewsAesthetics safe with the customized visor

After months of completely stopped work for the world of make-up artists, hairdressers and professional aesthetics in general, we are now thinking of reorganizing the kit and the spaces to be able to start again. But what are the real news in terms of hygiene standards and what should already be an integral part of all personal services?

When it comes to contagion containment we should always be aware that viruses like Covid-19 are transmitted through small droplets that come from the nose, mouth and eyes. For this reason make-up artists, beauticians and barbers to protect their own health and that of customers need, in addition to the mask (FFP2 or FFP3 without expiratory valve), protection also for the entire face area.

Particular precautions also on the use of the visor  itself, which must not be touched on the outside during use and must be sanitized after each use.


The visors are face shields made of fireproof polycarbonate, assembled with adjustable elastic straps and comfortable forehead rests that can also be customized with your logo. A new way of branding in the days of the Corona Virus.

The mirror as an ally to interact with the customer while remaining behind

specchi illuminati centri estetici parrucchieri norme igiene covid

Where possible, the entities responsible for regulating the protocols, such as INAIL for Italy, suggest to privilege the conversation with the customer by staying behind him, using the mirror to confer, and avoid as much as possible to operate frontally where not strictly necessary.

The basic hygiene rules for aesthetic operators

It has always been a good rule, as well as a necessary routine for the respect of customers, to think about the cleaning of tools (scissors, brushes, tweezers, files, brushes, etc.), as for surfaces it is necessary to disinfect those in common use, including handles , the POS, the keyboards of the PCs, the wash units of the hairdressers, and everything that comes into contact with more people during the day.

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