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Professional makeup chairs

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Professional makeup chairs are a crucial element in a professional makeup environment, complementing mirrors with dedicated lighting systems.

Designed to offer maximum comfort and functionality to beauty artists, our makeup chairs are elegant and safe. Since the debut of our first Cantoni makeup chair in 1996, our collection has expanded to include various models.

Sturdiness, comfort, and portability have been the three elements guiding our research and development over the years. The quality of the construction elements and attention to detail have allowed us to offer makeup chairs appreciated by national and international makeup artists and famous brands in the beauty industry.

The makeup chairs in the Cantoni range are distinguished by certain features:

  • Models with adjustable height
  • Reinforced support elements for seating
  • Quick-release footrest system for the S102 models
  • Anti-tip structure for the S104 model

Additionally, the S102.N and S102.BN models can be equipped with Cantoni’s exclusive removable headrest. This makeup chair with headrest is reclining and height-adjustable, created to provide effective neck support during makeup sessions. The cushion’s design, featuring comfortable padding covered in eco-leather, follows the anatomical curvature, allowing for work without causing excessive strain on the cervical vertebrae.

headrest for professional makeup chair
Adjustable headrest for makeup chair
Ergonomic professional makeup artist chair
Make up artist chair with adjustable headrest

This ergonomic neck support is highly valued by all professional makeup artists, as it ensures the model or client keeps their head steady, comfortable, and in an ideal position for perfect makeup application. However, it becomes indispensable for those working with very long makeup sessions, such as in the theatrical and operatic fields or SFX makeup (special effects makeup, used to create wounds, aging, etc.), where sessions can exceed 6 hours.

The makeup chairs are foldable and portable, thanks to their special bag (available both as a trolley version B02.TR and a shoulder strap B02), and they can be personalized with a name or logo print. Additionally, they can be equipped with a kleenex holder and a brush belt.

The quality of the wood lacquer and the painted steel finishes ensure that this everyday tool maintains its beauty over time, even as a decorative element in your studio or salon. (Tip: never underestimate how much peeling paint on a low-quality professional chair can affect client perception!).

Colors: our standard range has always been available in classic black, but with a minimum quantity, we can create the structure with custom lacquer colors, like the silver color version.

Director chair for makeup, silver color

How are our wooden director chairs for makeup made?

Cantoni chairs are Italian handcrafted products made from dried beech wood with non-toxic black paint. The raw wood material is FSC® certified: the FSC mark is considered an international benchmark and certifies that the wood comes from sustainably and responsibly managed forests, ensuring the protection of the ecosystem, the rights of local communities and workers who depend on these forests, and the traceability of the wood throughout the supply chain. This approach supports long-term forest management with the goal of preserving forest resources for future generations.

And fortunately, today many consumers and companies are looking for products with the FSC mark as a guarantee of sustainable and responsible practices.

Why beech wood? It is relatively lightweight – a finished Cantoni chair weighs a maximum of 8.5 kg (S102.BN – 7.2 kg; S102.N – 7.5 kg; S104 – 8.5 kg). For the manufacture of the chairs, we use only selected, properly seasoned, and dried logs.

Beech is a type of wood that is durable and resistant, but also very flexible, making it suitable for the creation of furniture items

Why do makeup artists prefer Cantoni chairs?

Makeup artist chair with headrest and makeup case with lights
Makeup chair and case for makeup studio
Personalized makeup chair and lighted mirror





Cantoni director chair with headrest and make up case in a MUA studio
Personalised makeup chair