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The best backlit led panel for dynamic in-store communication

CantoniRecommendationsThe best backlit led panel for dynamic in-store communication

4.5 cm to light up the point of sale

Essential lines, minimum thickness, structural strength and smart technology are the keys to the success of Cantoni’s backlit panels.

Perfect to set up a makeup corner in the pharmacy, perfumery, specialised beauty shops and in any situation in which your beauty corner has to be characterized, branded and simply set.

Cantoni, thanks to its twenty-year experience into the make-up professional sector, presents one of a kind backlit panel collection.

The PH range is composed of backlit superslim led panels, in a range of standard dimensions, able to design dynamically furnished spaces, in which the light and the colour give a new imaginative dimension. Linear lighted aluminium profiles hold, in a thickness of only 4.5 cm, all the necessary technology to light up the high-resolution images printed on backlit film.

The images come to life in the beauty corner, building up an effective and flexible promotional communication thanks to the innovative spring-fit system created by Cantoni, which allows changing the image set in the panel with a simple pressure of the hand.

A unique backlit led panel

  • Non-deformable aluminium anodized silver structure
  • Lateral integrated on/off button
  • Power supply integrated into the strenght panel
  • Simple installation
  • Replaceable image (Spring-fit system)
  • Very high printing quality on backlite film (even into the after-sales)
  • Low consumption

Technical Data

  • Non-deformable aluminium structure 6060-T5
  • Minimum Dimension 450 mm – Maximum dimension 1835 mm
  • Acrylic sheet with very high lighted emission
  • Back Panel composed of two aluminium foils with a polyehtylene heart LIGHT SOURCE
  • Strip LED 120/mt
  • Colour’s temperature: 5500° K
  • Rated power: 9.6 W per metre
  • Voltage: 240 Vac
  • Lateral ON/OFF button
  • Transformer integrated
  • Apparatus for internal use only, IP20


The backlit panels are available in a lot of standard dimensions, from the little ones to the biggest sizes. The PH complete catalogue is available on Unica by Cantoni website. You can choose the size and

  • PH01 backlit panel 735X1035 mm (wall-hung and stand-alone version with the reed support)
  • PH02 backlit panel 450×1450 mm (wall-hung and stand-alone version  with the reed support)
  • PH12TABLE backlit panel – 525 X 775 mm (foldable tabletop version)

It’s possible to ask for different measures and colours: the Cantoni staff is ready to create a personalised project to meet your needs.


The custom design is another distinctive feature of the Cantoni backlit panels. They can be framed with handmade wooden or leather profiles becoming painting-like wall decorations, mantaining the specific PH backlit panels features. For more information about, cfr PHF backlit panel line.

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