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How to create a beauty corner in the pharmacy

CantoniAgendaHow to create a beauty corner in the pharmacy

Design customizable solutions for the beauty corner in the pharmacy

The skin-care sector trend is constantly growing, very much that the pharmacy is going to progressively translate its core business and consequently its communicational concept from the medical to the wellness and the beauty care sphere.

The pharmacy’s strengths towards customers interested on cosmetic products are: the specialist assistance to the choise and the high product quality perceived. Two competitive advantages that, if well managed, can give great pleasure to the economic outturn of the store.

In order to a customer orientation, the two strengths abovementioned, find their better exaltation in the creation of a beauty corner in the pharmacy. Setting up this kind of corner in fact, is an important step which stimulates the customers to research allies for their psico-physical wellness and, at the same time, enables the pharmacy to organize experienced activities (for example Beauty Days dedicated to cosmetic brands), during which the specialist staff gives to the customers a precious now how and values which can establish a relationship of trust that will transform the customers into loyal customers.

To attract an exigent and selective clientele is necessary that the focused skin-care corner that would be set up so as to be evocative, emotional, functional for the product choise and that makes feel the customers comfortable. Shortly: a killer-corner from which the customers, if accompanied by the typical professionalism and competence of the pharmaceutical staff, will not escape without a purchase!

Today’s customer is very difficult to satisfy: exigent, very careful, selective, informed and documented. For this reason, an ambience technically capable of helping and supporting his choise became fundamentally important.

How to design a beauty corner?

Is not always simple to set up a beauty corner in a preexisting space because, in addition to the economical investment, there are problems in the space management because the spaces are always minimal.

Precisely in this objective Cantoni become the right ally for the pharmacy.

Thanks to Cantoni’s products in fact, result of 20 years of experience in the world of the professional make-up, is possible to realize a “tailord to pharmacy” beauty corner!

With few high quality and design furniture, is possible to create a small size beauty corner (1 mq2 only!) which can be fix or mobile or on wheels to a best versatility of use.

What a Cantoni beauty corner looks like?

The beauty corner proposed by Cantoni is composed of a support base (fix or mobile depending on the needs), of a make-up chair with headrest (foldable in case of moving station) and of a lighted mirror (mural or to support) with exlusive I-light lighting technology system.

The I-light lighting technology system, designed and patented by Cantoni, create a white light at 4200°kelvin, capable of reproducing the sunshine. It doesn’t alter the face colouring, it doesn’t overheat, it doesn’t dazzle. It’s low consumption (4 watt/lighted lense) with a durability guarantied over 100.000 workhours.

To complete the beauty corner, Cantoni proposes backlighted led panels to hang up, to put in the window displays or to support over the desk, perfectly embeddable in each kind of furnishing thanks to the frame’s customizability and capable to light up the images printed on Backlite film.

These tools, from the high visual communicational efficacy, are extremely versatile thanks to the extreme simplicity of image’s replacement (with a slight finger’s pressure).

The in-store communication will not have limits: from promotional messages to the ambience evocative use by way of the informational use, all with the same tool! The PH customizable panels line from linea Unica by Cantoni  has got all the keys to become an essential tool for a successful communication. The unique 20 years of experience of Cantoni into the professional make-up world, offers to its customers competence, know-how and assistance off the charts.

Come meet Cantoni at Cosmofarma to C25 stand, at the 26 PAVILION, to choose together the products that better respond to your needs, creating a tailored project for the beauty corner of your pharmacy.



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