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Looking for Christmas presents for makeup artists?

CantoniRecommendationsLooking for Christmas presents for makeup artists?

What is the best Christmas present for a makeup artist? It is not simple, for who does not live inside the makeup professional world, choose the most right product.

Some good hints about the best Christmas present for a son/daughter, a girlfriend/boyfriend or a friend working or starting to work as a professional makeup artist or as a beautician, we get from who choose in the past years already. So let’s go to take a look at the Cantoni’s best sellers for the Christmas time.

Evergreen best sellers

1. The makeup case with lights and mirror VT.BE

Every makeup artist craves a trolley case makeup station with lights: it is the worldwide iconic object of the makeup artist by now and, once the makeup artist got it, it becomes his/her inseparable companion.

Cantoni is the brand who invented and created first, in the world, the “makeup cases with the legs” and today boasts the widest and technically advanced range of professional portable makeup stations and mirrors.

The most purchased makeup case for the Christmas gift is the VT.BE model: it is a portable makeup station created for makeup artist always working on the move and in always in different situations. Light, compact and elegant, you can set up it in seconds and it is safe for the professional and the customer both. The specific light to the makeup, engineered by Cantoni and named I-light, makes this makeup case irreplaceable and unique.

The option of customising the case with own logo or name makes this makeup station a wonderful gift.

Valigia trucco con trolley che diventa postazione trucco illuminata  Makeup case with lights mod. VT.BE Cantoni

2. The makeup chair S102.N

The first necessary equipment for a pro makeup artist is the makeup chair. The Cantoni brand has been the first to engineer a double height, foldable and portable makeup chair.

The evergreen best-seller is the S102.N model, the most classic of the Cantoni collection. This makeup chair in fine wood is handcrafted in Italy and it is painted in black, the typical colour of the makeup artist. It is foldable, and you can bring it around with its trolley cover. It is sturdy, with anti-slipping footrest and you can set it at two different heights. Waterproof and washable back and seat in a technical woven. The chair can be completed with a removable and adjustable headrest and makeup artist bags.

The makeup chair is personalisable with name and logo too.

Makeup chair in black wood, double height, mod. S102.N

3. The makeup trolley box Highbox

The most given product in the Christmas season is definitely the Highbox trolley. Valuable ally for any makeup artist, even for those who travel by public transport, it is a makeup trolley specially designed for the travelling makeup artists.

It is in technical black woven, with telescopic handle and strong wheels, it has some inner drawers with removable dividers, to transport makeup products, brushes and little jars in an ordered and personal way. There is also a wide upper space for the big tools. The makeup trolley box is also thermal, to preserve the texture of the makeup products.

The Highbox trolley is personalizable with your own name and logo.

Highbox-trolley per makeup artist con cassettiera e divisori Highbox Trolley for makeup artists, with drawers

4. The makeup lighted mirror MDE-TABLE

Among the most admired and appreciated products of this year we can find the portable lighted vanity mirror MDE-TABLE.

It is a little masterpiece, enclosing in a compact product the advanced I-light technology. The makeup light sources do not generate heat and do not need to be removed or cooled. What on first glance may appear to be bulbs, are actually lenses, made of highly refractive, shatterproof material capable of diffusing and screening the light in a perfectly uniform manner. This precious mirror is perfect for professionals and makeup passionates both.

MDE-TABLE Specchio trucco da tavolo illuminato  MDE-TABLE Makeup lighted mirror

5. The superimposable full set thermal beauty + makeup trolley case with light

We always explain to our customers that the makeup station with lights is not created to be a mere case to transport things.

The Cantoni’s are engineered to be a true movable workstation and this means that you can put some stuff inside, but not too much. To make an example, you can think about it as a laptop: it is portable, but it is not a case and, more, it contains electronic parts, so you need to be careful putting things inside.

In this connection, the best and comfortable way to carry all your makeup products and accessories is to couple the makeup case with the superimposable thermal beauty BB2 Cantoni. It has a rear band to fix it to the trolley case handle, to transport the kit with only one hand and no efforts.

the station and the beauty are personalizable with your own name and logo.

Il kit ideale per il makeup artist


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