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Makeup mirror with lights: how to choose the best one

CantoniRecommendationsMakeup mirror with lights: how to choose the best one

We live in an era where it’s impossible to think about our make-up time without imagining a luxurious dressing table or a perfect professional beauty room. But what is the best vanity mirror? And which is the right light for make-up?

If you do your make-up in the bathroom or if you have space large enough to create a vanity corner, you must start from the mirror, with shape and size based on the wall you have available. The basic element to choose the right mirror is the lighting system and, walking around furniture stores, you should check a lot of things to define if a mirror could be good to build your everyday look!

Which is the best light for make-up?

wall mirror with lights: what is the best mirro for make-up?

You should avoid all the bulbs, especially the one with a light too cold or too warm, because you don’t want to apply an apparently right foundation and, once you go out, a friend makes fun of your face because you seem burned under the sun! The same concept is relevant in professional make-up studios. Especially in this case, a professional should have the right lighting, the more similar to the natural one, to find the perfect match for the client, especially if you work also as an image consultant and it’s your work to discover the client’s undertone! Impossible to do without a good light!

A neutral light with a dimmer switch will change your way to look at the mirror

The most useful light during make-up is the one the most similar to the morning light, around 4200K that is the neutral light that gives to your face a light capable of having a realistic performance for cosmetics you’re using.

And you could say to have found THE mirror also when the lighting system has a dimmer switch that leaves you the chance to choose the light intensity calibrating it on your own personal settings!

Stay away from lights overheating!

Choosing a makeup mirror it’s essential to have light without overheating, so you can spend all the time you need without getting warm in front of the mirror, and it’s essential too to find a mirror with a lightning technology which doesn’t need bulbs replacement or other kind of maintenance. So you should check how safe are the lights you’re putting in your house!

The right position of the light spots

Another important thing to observe is the position of the points of light, and avoid mirrors with light stripes above the mirror. In this last case, indeed, the result will be a face lighted just from the forehead with an unavoidable shadow under the eyes and the chin that made a face with everlasting circles under eyes, especially after the mascara application. This happens because the lashes create a shadow due the upper lights.

lighted mirror created from makeup - made in Italy

Indeed, if a mirror has lights placed with a study created properly from the make-up application, your face will appear without any shadows, perfectly lighted in every single detail!

Once you’ll find a mirror series with a good lighting system it’s time to think about where you want to place it.

Table mirror with lights for vanity table: creating a dressing area even in the smallest space

Even in the smallest space it’s possible to create an innovative and minimal dressing area. As an example, if you already have a little table or just a shelf and you want a mirror to place and replace whenever you want, you could choose a table mirror.

What is the best lighted vanity mirror? Table mirrors portable for small spaces made in Italy

The most minimal solution is also the easiest way to build a dressing room, even in a wardrobe or in a walk-in-closet.

If you are addicted to color you should also check mirrors with frames available in different colors and, in this case, you can set the perfect angle if you do your own make-up seated on a chair or standing up!

Table mirrors with adjustable lights are perfect also for professional use, portable and easy to carry on, especially if you work as a freelancer and you use to jump from a backstage to a bride’s house everyday!

Wall lighted mirror for make-up area and not only

On the wall you could build your design mirror dream, choosing size, shape, different number of lights, frames and even the backlit lighting with a color which creates atmosphere even when the frontal lights are turned off.

what is the best backlit vanity mirror? Wall mirrors customizable in shape and size

With a wall mirror you could create a mirrored vanity wherever you want: placing it in the bathroom, if you used to do your skincare routine there, or in the bedroom, with a huge mirror on the dresser. And if you have a walk-in-closet you can even think to have a lighted mirror not just for your beauty-time but to look at your entire figure, playing with your outfit everyday!

what is a backlit bathroom mirror? The best lighted mirrors for bathroom and walk-in-closet

Lighted mirrors for beauty industry professionals: our experience.

Lighted mirrors are chosen by beauty academies and beauty center projects, because they are capable of giving all the light a professional need to work, so it’s a real plus to have a mirror like the Cantoni one in your home design!

These kinds of mirrors are placed also in beauty stores or in a fashion store’s fitting room!

lighted mirrors made in Italy for professional hair studio in Los Angeles

Cantoni it’s an italian business started 20 years ago with the first make-up station with lighted mirror included, created properly from a make-up artist for other professionals, and this was the main market from the past years. In this area Cantoni is a pioneer, selling their different make-up stations and lighted mirrors around the world, from the latest hair studio in L.A. to the most luxurious design hotels!

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