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Beyond the brand identity with Cantoni beauty corners for cosmetic distribution

We are in 2020 and there is more to cosmetic companies than brand identity! The market is so vast and varied that distinguishing and being recognizable is not such an immediate step, but if the corporate identity project extends to everything we use to “sell” ourselves, we can be one step ahead of all the others! Nykaa, luxury cosmetics in India and beauty corner made in Cantoni This is the case of Nykaa, the online and offline beauty franchise that has made products dictated by cosmetic trends accessible to beauty enthusiasts from all over India, thanks to its distribution network

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Which is the best posture for a makeup artist? This is what the posturologist says

Completely absorbed in testing new makeup products and trying new techniques, sometimes we makeup artists forget to check the posture we are working in. After days, months and sometimes years, then, it is no surprise we find ourselves with painful backaches. So, I have decided to interview the doctor Nicola Pezone, posturologist, about which is the best position to adopt so as to work at best and save my back.