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The makeup station with lights turns white

CantoniPreviewsThe makeup station with lights turns white

Frozenwhite: the new collection of makeup stations

Cantoni launches a pure-white capsule-collection composed of makeup stations, lighted mirrors and makeup chairs. 

The makeup stations in white are perfect furnishing pieces for the beauty salons. They compose makeup corners as clean and minimal as bright and eye-catching also in the most elegant locations.

The black color undoubitably remains the classic ‘dressing code‘ for all the beauty and makeup professionals in Europe. Neverthless, in Japan it is the white color that rules in the makeup and beauty field, because this color is linked to the purification rituals: Cantoni has been producing for years white makeup stations for its own Japanese distributor.  Because of this and because of the increased request for lighted mirrors to place in shabby-chic or minimalist style furnished locations, Cantoni decided to create this limited edition collection in white.

Frozenwhite makeup station Cantoni with trolley makeup case with lights and makeup chair foldable
Complete Frozenwhite makeup station Cantoni composed of: VT101C. TR white makeup station plus S105 White makeup chair

The product range of the Frozenwhite collection

Four easy to combine and customisable pieces are available for online purchasing. You will create professional and bright makeup corners that do not go unnoticed even to the most distracted eyes.

mirror with 12 lights SP301
SP301 Mirror 800x1200mm with 12 lighting I-light lenses

How to purchase your white makeup station

You can get the Frozenwhite makeup stations on our e-commerce Cantonishop. Click on the”Frozenwhite” tab on the menu bar: on the product pages you will also find the personalisation options. If you prefer, you can also ask us for a quote by email.

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