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How to choose the best makeup chair

CantoniRecommendationsHow to choose the best makeup chair

The first equipment that a makeup artist feels the need of when he or she starts to work “on the road” is a professional makeup chair. Improperly called also “director chair“, it is a folding and portable chair that, although inspired by the director chairs, has very different characteristics.

The market offers a wide range of models,  similar at first glance but with very different prices. How choose, then, a really good and professional makeup chair?

The essential features of a professional make-up chair

  • The proper height: a director chair is not a makeup chair. The chair you need to do makeup is, in fact, higher, to work with your back upright and with the face of the customer just a bit lower than yours. Given that the clients have very different statures, the ideal solution is a double height make-up chair.
Best makeup chiar with double height system

Double height system

  • Stability: the makeup chair must be stable so that the person sitting there is stationary, comfortable and safe. Otherwise, it will be impossible to do the makeup work neatly. The chair must have also a stable base, legs tightly secured and a well-calculated centre of gravity. Even better if it is a makeup chair fitted with an anti-tip system.
Best makeup chair with anti tip system

Anti-tip makeup chair base

  • Structure and strength: it is critical that the structure of the chair is safe and ergonomic, hard wearing. The finishing, the reinforcements, the welds, the steel screws: all these details, when they are cared for, drive up the price, but ensure the make-up artist a long life duration of the chair and high-security standards for his/her customers. Have you ever noticed that most of the make-up chairs on the market, when seen from behind, are not straight? The two supports of the backrest, in the best of cases, converge and, in the worst, the whole chair is off-axis. This asset indicates a poor structural quality and a lack of solidity.
Best makeup chairs have good finishes and reinforced details

Finishes and reinforced details: these are the elements making a makeup chiar safe, professional and reliable

  • Backrest and seat: backrest and seat of the makeup chair must not be in simple cloth because cotton or other fabric deform, lost the colour and are prone to wear in a quite short time; the chair, then, looks like old, dirty and unsafe. Thus, the best material must be technical, breathable and washable. Moreover,  The finishes must be sawn and not stuck, because the glue will become dry and lose its tight in a short time.
The best backrest for a makeup chair

Backrest and seat must be in a technical fabric,breathable and washable. Sawn finishes.

  • Easy handling and portability: the best makeup chair for makeup artist  must be easy to open and close, must not have separate pieces to be screwed (often footrests are not integrated, but separately provided and you need to assemble and disassemble them each time) and must be easy to carry. It is must be not too heavy and equipped with a protective bag for the transport (better if the bag is equipped with a trolley).
The best makeup artist chair must be easy foldable, light, portable

Dual height makeup chiar in wood: it is foldable and portable with its special trolley bag.

  • Comfortable for the client: the best makeup chair must be comfortable for the customer and the makeup artist both, especially during the longest makeup sessions. The makeup chair with a removable and adjustable headrest is a great solution because this accessory allows your customers to relax while keeping the face in the ideal position for makeup. A plus to add comfort is the foldable makeup chair with padded seat and backrest. Essential is a non-slip footrest.
The make-up chair with a removable and adjustable headrest

Removable and adjustable headrest for makeup chair

  • Customizability: a makeup chair with your name or logo is a powerful tool for visual marketing. Your make-up chair will always be with you, so do not forget this detail. Even better if the bag for the transportation of the chair will be personalised.
  • Spare parts availability: a good chair si going to be you for over 10 years. Over time, you may want to change your logo, or you could lose a protective cap. Make sure that the company from which you buy can guarantee the availability of spare parts for at least 10 years.
A good makeup chair must have spare parts available

The company must have spare parts for the make-up chairs available

Makeup chair in wood or in aluminium?

All the elements provided already make the difference among a simple makeup chair and a professional one. Now, let’s see the two broad categories which the chairs for makeup artist are divided into: those made of wood and the aluminium ones.

Makeup artist chair in aluminium

The aluminium makeup chairs, for their light weight and resistance to scratches, are the best choice for those who always work on the move.

The best anodised aluminium makeup chair must undergo a special process of hardening, to obtain a completely undeformable, safe structure. A strong aluminium makeup chair must have reinforcing stainless steel elements in the points of greatest strain. The welds must be reliable, and the closing plugs must be rounded and anti-scratch. The armrests must be flat and convenient for the customer. In the case of dyed aluminium, check that the colour is non-toxic and resistant to scratches.

Makeup artist chair in wood

The makeup wooden chair is a true classic. The quality of the raw material and lacquering, the attention to detail, the perfection of finishes, however, are, in a makeup chair in wood, even more important, because wood is a “living” material.

The wood must be of the best quality (the majority of chairs on the market are made of chipboard or scrap wood, then easily disguised thanks to a fast lacquering) and then dried, to become crushproof and to grant stability and durability. The raw wood should possibly have a certified origin. Beware of the lacquer, which, if not treated artfully, will last for a very short time, especially in the most stressed areas as the footrest and armrests.

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