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Why get a pro makeup station with lights

CantoniRecommendationsWhy get a pro makeup station with lights

In the community of makeup artists often we discuss the most efficient solutions to organise our tools, and we all agree that nothing is better than a makeup station with lights. But why is it so important to have a portable makeup station? Here are 5 good reasons to step forward and invest in a makeup station.

Why choose a makeup case with lights and mirror?

1. The lighting system of the makeup station

The professional makeup artist works every day in any condition: sometimes we have the luck to work in front of a real vanity table, but the most of the time we have to rig up. Especially in these cases, the portable makeup case is a true lifebelt. It does not matter if the weather is bad, or if you must work during the night: the perfect light is always there for you.

You have just to pay attention to find a reliable, certified makeup station, and a lighting system specially engineered for makeup artists.

why get a makeup station with light
The lighting system of the makeup case must be engineered for the makeup artists.

2. The right posture of the makeup artist

In the first years of activity, a makeup artist tends to neglect his/her posture: bent for hours on a chair lower than it is necessary, or stretching up to reach models 25 centimetres taller than you. But in the long run, the pain will come. To avoid these problems, you must accompany the makeup station with lights with the right makeup chair, which looks like a director’s chair but is higher (even better if it is adjustable in height ), more rigid and stable: comfortable for the customer, who will not risk a neckache, and for the MUA on duty .

why get a good makeup station with lights
The makeup artist has to work with the upstraight back to avoid pain in the long run

3. Organising makeup tools and cosmetics

Everything in order” is a concept frequently far from reality, playing Tetris with palettes, makeup brushes and bottles is a daily game. With a portable makeup station, everything is in order, on hand and visible, and you gain hygiene and efficiency.Everywhere and in every condition, the cosmetic products will be at their right place and not scattered on stools, tables, beds and the floor.

Why get a portable makeup station with lights
Why get a portable makeup station with lights
Organizing accessories and cosmetics is easy with a professional makeup station

4. Efficiency

With a portable makeup station, you save a considerable amount of time! Opening a good makeup case with lights and raising it on its feet means you will be ready to do makeup in seconds; the procedure is notably easier and faster than pulling countless products out from clutches, handbags and bags. So, pay attention to the opening system of the makeup case when you want to choose one: it has to be practical and fast.

why get a good makeup station with lights
Time is money: you have to be efficient

5. Professionalism of the makeup artist

It can be a private customer, a bride or a backstage: everyone appreciates the presence of an elegant makeup station with lights.  A lighted makeup station is synonymous with professionalism and reliability, attributes that contribute significantly to work better and more, thanks to positive word of mouth.

why get a good makeup station with lights
A lighted makeup station is synonymous with professionalism and reliability

Makeup stations with lights for beauty professionals

It is essential if you are considering to equip yourself with a makeup station with lights, to identify who produces a professional quality product, even better if created by makeup artists for makeup artists. Since this is a very technical product that should last a long time, check carefully if the producer can also provide spare parts and post-sale services.

The details and specifications are important: if the manufacturer is “of the club” can then definitely advise you if you have any doubts. The investment really worths the money!

Professional makeup station with lights Cantoni
Portable makeup Station Cantoni branded (VT 101.C makeup station with I-light professional lighting system, set S102.N double height black makeup chair in wood with headrest and accessories, foldable nail care table)

PH: Anna Marchese
Original Blogpost: Anna Marchese

The Anna Marchese’s makeup station:

  • VT101.CTR makeup artist trolley case with lights
  • S102.A makeup artist chair by Cantoni

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