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The hair dresser station: a new salon concept

CantoniRecommendationsThe hair dresser station: a new salon concept

Those who already know the Cantoni brand know that we come from the world of make-up. The evolution of the hairdressing salon into a place increasingly dedicated to the total look has meant that more and more hairdressers have turned to us to modernize their hairdressing stations.

The hair dresser station in a salon must combine functionality and design, to guarantee at the same time the best customer experience and the best workplace ergonomics for the hairdresser.

hairdressing mirror
Hairdressing mirror and customized hairdressing chair for Peels salon in The Netherlands
hair salon mirror
Hair salon miroors MH051020X1800X65mm with backlight for Hollywood Glamorous in California

Hairdressing mirror

There are two main reasons why Cantoni and Unica by Cantoni mirrors have also become popular in hairdressing salons and barbershops:

  • the lights: all the mirrors in our range can be supplied with the special I-light lenses. This particular lighting is a Cantoni patent, developed to guarantee the best possible lighting for professional make-up. The positioning of the light points and the color temperature (4200K) ensure completely uniform illumination, without creating shadows.
  • the wide range of mirrors: we have created 4 different lines of mirrors that can suit different hair salon styles. Each range includes different sizes and shapes, so that they can be used in different positions depending on the available space. Furthermore, since ours is an artisanal production, we can create custom mirrors.

So whether you aim to expand the services of your hairdressing salon, including make-up, or whether the goal is to install quality mirrors capable of furnishing with style, the choice of the hairdressing mirror is a key element.

Hairdressing chair

Our professional hairdressing chairs have 3 main advantages over traditional armchairs:

  1. Light and handy, they can be moved easily and are also suitable for the mobile haidresser.
  2. In addition to the comfort for the customer, they allow the hairdresser or make-up artist to work in the correct position.
  3. Like other Cantoni professional salon equipment, they can be customized with your logo.
haidressing chairs

Flexible hair salon furniture

What we mean by flexible hairdressing equipment? As for make-up artists, the work of hairdressers is more and more often a job on the move. And even the spaces within the same salon often require to be easily modified, both for new spacing rules and to adapt quickly to events, presentations or workshops.

Our cases with lights and workstations on wheels represent the ideal solution to have a fully functional hair dresser station, with the same quality and lighting characteristics, which can be used in any space.

hairdressing table mirror
MDE 504 hair dressing table mirror for ghd® Milan
hair dressing mobile stations and chairs
Hair dresser mobile stations for Cotril - Milan
Hair dresser stations on wheels for Cotril - Milan

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