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Make-up in hairdressing salons: how to increase revenue and offer a total look

CantoniRecommendationsMake-up in hairdressing salons: how to increase revenue and offer a total look

In the world of beauty, professional gurus travel with a not inconsiderable fluidity and make-up artists become hair stylists while hair stylists also equip themselves to work with make-up.

If on the one hand there are make-up artists, who are in most cases freelancers, on the other hand there are hairdressers who already own a salon and have the advantage of being more “exposed” commercially to the public. It becomes almost obligatory for a business such as the hairdressing salon to move towards the expansion of services, in the same way as a centre that starts with basic aesthetics and then goes on to acquire machines for remodelling the body.


But how do we make our customers understand that we offer a new service if not by carving out a corner dedicated to make-up?

How to create a make-up corner in a hairdressing salon

As tempting as it may seem to be to use the same mirrors and workstations we’ve already assembled for hair styling, in practice the height of the chairs and the brightness of the mirrors could be uncomfortable for the make-up artist.

postazioni trucco mobili per saloni parricchieri valigia make up con specchio illuminato e luci regolabili

The seating must be comfortable both for the client, who must not tilt their head, and for the employee, who should not have to lean forward to reach the face of the client.

The perfect workstation and the make-up display for the salon

The mirror must have neutral lights that do not distort the undertones of the skin by being too yellow or too white, and that do not require maintenance. Depending on the available environments, one can opt for stand-alone corners, for wheeled workstations, perhaps with a double mirror so as to have 2 workstations at one stroke, for a customised wall mirror or even for a mobile workstation, should the hairdresser also wish to use it externally!

sedie trucco per saloni parrucchieri e centri estetici postazioni su ruote per makeup

It is then essential to choose a brand to rely on if we also want to sell it on the premises. In this way, in addition to earning more for the additional service, we also have the opportunity to make the customer passionate about the make-up products for sale that we work with.

espositori make up rivendita per saloni parrucchieri trucco professionale

The workstation and cosmetic company are the 2 winning elements that will allow your salon to level up, together with training, which is essential even before one thinks about setting up the

make-up corner!

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